It took me a while but finally I tried a gel nail polish. Was I happy with it?

Oh yes, I am addicted to nail polish. For me it’s kind of a relaxing moment, about two to three times a week I sit down after diner with the tv on and I start polishing my nails. Yes, that many times! It’s something I love to do but I don’t always have the time. On those days I wish I had a more lasting nail polish.


At first I was thinking about buying a special lamp for my nails. I could do a little at-home-manicure and the polish would last. Then I read about UV-lights not being good for your skin and the led lights being too expensive. I gave up and didn’t think much about it.


I decided I wanted to do a professional manicure and have them apply the gel polish. I talked to some girlfriends about this and they explained to me about how they file off the top of your nails to get the gel layer on. Huh, say what? I don’t want to end up with those thin nails because of all the filing. Okay, not doing it.

gel nail polish

gel polish

Okay, this sounds probably really Dutch (cheap)! When I went to the drugstore there was a huge sale on nail polish. I knew my sister had tried the Rimmel London gel polish and I decided to give it a go. I started out with the light pink “new romantic” or as I like to call it, nude color and applied it. I had to apply about 2-3 layers before it covered well enough. The final 3rd-4th layer was the gel layer. I had to let it dry but I was surprised to see how quick that went. The polish applies easy and I liked the brush.

gel nail polish

the test

I applied the nail polish without thinking it through, I had lots of things to do. So impatience as I was, I must admit the polish dried quickly and I got to do my things. I planned to make photos but I forgot… The next couple of days there was a heatwave and I went from forgetting to the point of not even caring. Too hot to think straight. I ended up making these photos just before I removed it! So it well passed the test. It lasted over a week before I had one chip off on my index finger. One chip and the polish has to go, that’s my thing. What did I do with these nails? I went to the beach, I cleaned my whole house (without gloves) and even scrubbed the bathroom. I cooked, I showered and washed my hair and also took a dive in the pool. All these things and hardly nothing happened to my polish. Passed the test I’d say!

gel nail polish

I think that when I would give it more time to dry and do less hard labour (yeah right) with it, it would have lasted even longer. I mean to say, if I just worked all day behind my computer and not have such a busy week I am sure it would have lasted over two weeks for sure. After this color I tried on the beige tone which I loved as well. And to be honest.. I went back to the drugstore to buy a couple more colors! Oops, I did it again. Right now I’m wearing a bright pink color called “cocktail passion” and I love it!

what’s your favorite nail polish color?

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