I tried this facial mask which I found on Pinterest and it went all wrong

Earlier I told you I was planning to do a facial mask more often, take a little more me-time. Both my skin as well as my inner peace would benefit from this. When you’ve applied a mask you need to relax so I started to search for some DIY on Pinterest. I wanted a mask to cleanse my pores and to clean my skin thoroughly.

mislukt masker

I was searching for black heads removal mask and found some easy recipes with these ingredients, honey and baking soda. I halve those! I’ve also just received the perfect brush for black heads so I was good to go. Not often do I work so perfectly organized, lol. Everything available, okay so let’s go!

mislukt masker

I made the mask according to the recipe. It wasn’t difficult, just measuring and mixing. I applied it to my clean face and laughed, it looks horrible and even started to drip a little. I decided I had to take some rest and went to relax on the sofa. I looked like a fool but nobody could see me anyway. My fifteen minutes of zen and I looked like an idiot, as the mask was starting to drip. At first I applied a little less but it wasn’t doing anything so extra layers it is.

mislukt masker

Almost like a scrub I washed my face with luke warm water. I made a towel a little wet with warm water and pressed it on my face for a few minutes, to open up the pores as explained on the Pin. Extra pressure on my nose and chin, because those are the areas I’m working on. I used the brush to -how to say this non-disgustingly- push out the pores. Nothing happened and even worse, I couldn’t see any difference! But.. I did have my fifteen minutes of relaxing done!

did you try any DIY’s from Pinterest?

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