An easy glamour look? My make up tutorial will show you how to do this yourself.

I can look at those make up tutorials completely in awe. Gorgeous make up looks are created and it looks so simple, until you try it yourself. So I decided to make a little tutorial myself, without the best lights or background. This is the first video I have made and when I look it back I already so some things I would like to change. However starting something new is a process. I hope you like the video and I can show you a nice tutorial. Let me know what you think, leave a message.


Below you can see which products I have used. As you can see, I am not into a certain brand. I just buy what I like and what I think looks pretty on my face or matches my skin tone. Make sure when you shop for yourself to try out the products first, there is always a tester available. One of my favorites? Maybeline mascara, Chanel blusher and Anastasia brow dip.

Easy Glam make up tutorial

One of my favorite eye shadow palets it this one from Smashbox. When I first saw it I immediately thought are we back in the ‘90s?  but I can assure you we’re not! After trying it I noticed how beautifully the colors blend and that each tone is really complementing. In this tutorial I am using the bottom two colors, brown and dark grey. For highlighting I am using the light pink tone. For the eyelid the two tones of gold. See for yourself.

Easy Glam make up tutorial

The tutorial is in Dutch however you can click for the translation (sub titling). I am wondering if you would prefer an English version as well? Let me know!

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