Something I should use more often, a nice face mask to give my skin a fresh boost

Taking some me time is something I am planning to more often. After my blog break I’ve realised I need more breaks, even if they are little. So what’s better then to start the weekend with a lovely face mask. I was searching for a black mask but I couldn’t find one. Last Friday I had a Halloween party and I wore so much make up, oh my! Time to cleanse it well so I tried out this face mask Black Seaweed Peel-Off from 7th Heaven.


The past two years I’ve only been working. If I wasn’t in an office, I was blogging. My site is my hobby so it doesn’t feel like work. I do notice I now by the little things. A day of doing nothing doesn’t exist anymore. When I am not writing a blog, I spot a nice place for photos. Even when I’m in my pj’s all day I still read other blogs and check out social media. Time for a change!


The mask did its job. Despite rinsing my face twice, there was still make up in my pores. This was visible as I wore black make up on the Halloween party. I rinsed my face once more in the morning and applied the mask with a (synthetic) brush, I like this better to divide it evenly. It has to set for 20 minuted and this is really the time it needed to dry up. Once dry you peel it off your face. No it doesn’t hurt.

When was the last time you took time for yourself and used a face mask?

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