Ready for the summer! No more chafing thighs thanks to this lovely solution: Bandelettes

We’ve seen it on the American blogs already and now it’s finally for sale in Holland too. These things are the solution for bare skin legs in summer! It’s no longer a problem to wear those lovely skirts and dresses anymore. I wrote about this cute dress and how I want to wear it without tights. I got many questions and how I do this. Simple: with Bandelettes. In the past I wore a short legging underneath but this is much more comfortable, especially during those warmer days.

Bandelettes Bandelettes

A short while ago I told you my Summer tricks but this one will be added to the list for sure! I love them. These Bandelettes are made in lace or stretch material, both wear very comfortable. You measure your thighs and determine your size. They stay put because of the silicone strip at the inside. They recommend to wear this without any bodylotion on your thighs to keep them in place. I chose the black lace since this can be worn underneath many dresses and skirts.


I was surprised to hear from so many people that they also have problems with their shaving thighs, as these were mostly women with regular sizes. So you see, it’s not always because of a plus size that you don’t have a thigh gap, it’s just they you are built. Luckily Bandelettes are available in several sizes, regular and plus.


Bandelettes c/o Enchanted by Bandelettes

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