baby room update: from cradle to crib & added color

baby room update: from cradle to crib & added color

Time fles and Charlotte is now Seven months old. I almost can’t believe it, where is that little baby girl that was so fragiel and small? She is doing so well, she grows so fast and is really sweet. However I didn’t expect her to be so grown up already, with an attitude and her own opinion and taste! That’s why with just under four months we had to change her cradle into a crib as she was turning around and pulling the bars of the cradle. Safety first, so we changed it to a crib.

happy thoughts

Let me be honest, I really had a hard time taking her cradle out of the room. It was such a high change for me, in her so short life. She was just under four months and she was so small and the crib so big! To change it into happy thoughts I decided to redecorate her room. A little touch up with some new accessories, changing the position of the furniture and add a little color. This was also a good opportunity to change everything, as we now knew what works and what not. With the previous setting I could barely move between the new crib and the cupboard so we had to move it around. Her room is so small so we didn’t had many options. I love how it worked out and how we managed to create more storage this way too.

check out how Charlotte’s room was styled before

from cradle to crib

The cradle has been in our family for a long time, I’ve slept in it as well as my brother and sister. Such a special item and I feel so blessed that my daugther slept in it as well. From the beginning I knew she could sleep in it up to six months or less. Though I didn’t buy a crib because I wanted to get to know her before deciding. Such a new bed is something she will sleep in for years to come so it had to be comfortable and practical.

Charlotte’s cradle was ovale shaped which I really liked. It’s easy to warm around, no Sharp edges and also very cosy. Especially for her small room it was perfect. At one side of her room we have built in closets which I don’t use daily but when I do, I need to be able to move things around. When Charlotte was about three months and didn’t sleep in a swaddle anymore she started to roll over. She was also finagling with the bars of her cradle so I started to emotionally prepare for the change. Just before she turned four months she was pulling at everything she could get her hands on and was often pushing her head against to topside of the bed. So what to do, so many options. There it was, an oval shaped crib with wheels, the Stokke Sleepi crib was a perfect match!

babykamer inrichting
knuffel konijn little dutch
kamer van charlotte

If you don’t have a cradle you can also use this bed one. The Stokke Sleep is a cradle you can turn into a crib and then turn into a bed. There are special expansion pieces to let the bed grow with your little one. Also the mattress can go up as well as down. The bars can also be left out, so you can use the bed up to about 10-14 years.

bed Stokke Sleepi Mini & expansion set
fit sheet zeeman
bed sheet Fedde & Kees
blanket Elodie Details via Babymatters
black cupboard kwantum
net Jollein

add more color

White, I wanted everything to be white. Her room, her clothing but it didn’t turn out to be so easy to achieve. When shopping for all her necessities it was so hard to find white decorations and clothing, everything had a little print on it or only available in color. Slowly I found some cute items with panda Bears on it, my favorite animal growing up. Black was added and this made things a little easier. The black hearts on the wall, the white base, it all became so serene, so pure. I was so happy with the cosy room for Charlotte. Gradually I started buying more color once she was born and also got loads of cute gifts. So when changing her bed I changed the styling too. Soft pink tones combined with more natural items like wood and bamboo, added to the current whites and blacks.

By adding more color and changing her room I could also check what was practical and what not. This was the time to change things. The rug was perfect since the wooden floor makes cracking sounds especially at night. But the white color wasn’t practical; so we picked out a pink play rug but we keep it in the living room as it’s perfect for playing. We need to buy a new one for her room, this one will do for now.

babykamer styling

storage bag BabyMatters
storage apple H&M kids
lamp miffy
stool Karwei

Those tiny clothes aren’t that tiny anymore. Each month she’s growing and so do her clothes do I need more space. First went into the top drawer easily, but now I needed to add the second drawer as well. That means all that’s in there had to be replaced. The pink storage bag is perfect; loads of stuff can go in there and you can keep it open or closed. By the time she can pick out her own toys she can easily get her stuff. The apple is just another cute storage item which gave me childhood memories. When I was young I had a plastic storage cauliflower, go figure!

babykamer styling commode

bamboo cupboard tuinexpres
mirror & soap dispenser H&M
soap dispenser zara home
photo frame Hema
swaddle Elodie Details via Babymatters

need my space

The dresser hasn’t changed much except for the location. I noticed I needed more space to move around in the baby room. Charlotte is already sitting up straight and whenever she can she turns around or even stands up so I really need to able to move around a little.

When changing her diaper or outfit it’s like a fight I’m preparing myself for with stuff to keep her busy with like toys. Lying down is for baby’s right! So to create space I chose this cute bamboo wall cupboard. Perfect for the daily necessities like soap, lotion and ointments. It’s also perfect for everything she shouldn’t get a hold of. The natural material gives the room a warm touch but still modern. Also the cool skateboard trucks are still there and I use it to hang up her clothes. A small amount of diapers within in arm length are now in this cute little bag with flowers on it. The poster was one I already had but changed the black board to these wooded hangers.

Also the cool skateboard trucks are still there and I use it to hang up her clothes. A small amount of diapers within in arm length are now in this cute little bag with flowers on it. The poster was one I already had but changed the black board to these wooded hangers.

Everywhere in her room I placed or hung cute items which she wears or doesn’t fit yet. This way I can change it now and then and enjoy her stuff a little longer as she’s growing so fast. I still enjoy changing her in the little changing basket. It’s actually a lot more practical then I assumed at first.

kinderkamer styling
wand decoratie

wooden shelf Olli Ella
clothing hangers zeeman
pink letter board Action
bag zara kids
bookend H&M kids
camera Little Dutch

check out my vlog to see how her room looked before (Dutch)

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