who is she?

who is she?

Hi, my name is Josine Wille and I’m the author on theBiggerBlog.

On this little space on the internet you can read about my passion for fashion. I show you my outfits, the way I style them but also write about the trends and latest news in the world of fashion. There is a focus on plussize fashion and how to implement them in your own way. Recently I’ve picked up vlogging as well, however these are in Dutch, check out my vlogs here.

I’ve started to share my love for cosmetics and beauty products. I write tutorials and show which products I use and give my honest opinion. I love to travel and have been to many places around the world. Writing about destinations and travel tricks is what find here as well. Very personal are my Sunday stories, in which I write my personal experience. About my road to self love, body positivity and accepting yourself the way you are.

If there is anything you would like to ask me, or you just want to get in touch, don’t hesitate to drop me an email. Or leave a reply below any of my blogs, I always love to hear from you.

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Ever since I was a little Josine I loved fashion. I made my own Barbie clothes and knew what I liked and hated from fashion. Though I’ve never been a brand kinda girl, I’ve always shopped whatever I liked no matter what name was on the tag. And I still do.

After high school I studied International Fashion Management at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). For over a decade I’ve worked as a product developer for several fashion brands. In close collaboration with the styling team we developed collections and traveled to factories in China, HK, India and Turkey. Negotiating prices, focussing on good quality and the perfect fit is what I do. So when I hold a garment in my hands there is so much more to it then just fashion.

Since I can remember I’ve had a big(ger) size. even as a kid. I’ve learned to deal with it on a young age which actually makes me proud. My road to self love wasn’t that long. To me it’s important that everybody accepts every-body. Body positivity is something I stand for and hopefully my blog helps to motivate others in doing the same.

who is she?

During my working years I was always working with a EU size 36 or 38 (US 6). Even during collection presentations, lookbooks and commercial shoots there is little size diversity. With my blog I want to show you how fashion looks on a curvy girl with a plus size and no standard measurements. I promote size diversity and hopefully one day all shops will sell for any-body. Till then I show you how to shop your shape and not your size. Hopefully I can inspire you and also motivate you to love yourself, exactly the way you are.

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wear do you live? I’m a Dutch girl, living in a little town in the middle of the flower region. I grew up just down Amsterdam and have lived for seven years in the south, the cute town Dordrecht. During our search to the perfect down town Haarlem home, we ended up in this cute house from 1900 in a small town. Ironic, but we love it!

how did you came up with the name theBiggerBlog? I grabbed pen and paper and stared writing down names. With the long list I went online and used our friend google who told me each name -or in a way- was already taken. My bridger is a concept designer so I gave him a few key words. The most important part was that it should be telling everything in one word or name. And so the Bigger blog was chosen, bigger with a link to being plussize. However it’s more about me being allround and not just fashion.

how long have you been blogging? I started my blog in the summer of 2014 but I only blogged on a regular base by 2015. Also I never meant to show myself on my blog, guess it’s funny to see the development.

why did you start theBiggerBlog? when the company I worked for went bankrupt I was at home for a while. I wanted to do something with fashion but starting up my own brand wasn’t something I could afford. Because of all the questions I always got about my style and where I shop I decided to start a blog. This became a full blog filled with tips and tricks, tutorials, inspirational fashion and shopping information.

what’s your size? I am 1.70 m which is 5ft 6” and my hips are bigger compared to my upper size. Usually I wear at the top part a EU size 46-48 (which is UK 18-20 and US 14-16) and the bottom part a EU size 48-50 (which is UK 20-22 and US 16-18). In my outfit posts I always note which size I’m wearing, how the fit is and technical details is applicable.

more about you? I was born in 1981 so you do the math. If anyone asks, I’m forever 29! For over 14 years Dennis and I have been together and we have a cat named Elmo.

what is your motto? seriously, I have so mant! From learn how to vary up to love yourself the wat you are. The most infamous one is shop your shape, not your size which means you’re more than your size label and there is so much more to a garment than just its size.

who is she?

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