a reply from H&M

a reply from H&M

Last week I have sent a letter to H&M to share my frustration about the sizing of the Plus department. Today I got a reply from H&M!

Actually I am not the type of person who would ever write a letter to a brand telling them I am not satisfied with their product. Normally I would just think it’s me and it’s a good product for other people. Not this time. After sharing my thoughts on social media I learned that lots of other curvy ladies don’t feel comfortable in the H&M+fit. And so I wrote them a letter.

The unexpected happened: I got a reply from H&M. I was over the moon. Though it wasn’t exactly the reply I was hoping for, still they took the time to read my mail and reply. Respect!

a reply from H&M

Hopefully the design and sizing department will receive the letter too. I still keep on hoping that there will be an actual change. There are so many brands who don’t have these issues so I am sure H&M is able to follow too. All I need is a minute of time -which I know is difficult in a design team- for the head of design of the H&M+ department to read my letter and understands I have based my information on technical details and not just one plus size girls’ opinion.¬†Keep your fingers crossed.

thank you H&M

  • read the letter I wrote here:

A letter to H&M+

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