3 jeans, 3 styles

3 jeans, 3 styles

Three different jeans, three different styles

It doesn’t matter what your figure shape is, how tall you are or which size you wear. Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be hard to find. There’s a denim deal at ms mode this month and they asked me to pick my three favorite pair of jeans!

watch my shopping haul here:

[The video is in Dutch but you can see the three shapes and how they fit me]

All exited I picked out three different pair of jeans on the website, enough options. It was delivered in one of the shops and I went there to pick them up. First I tried them on, as I’m in between two sizes at the moment. Two of them fitted me like a glove but there was one pair which wasn’t suited for me. I tried a size bigger but it wasn’t a shape for me. The sales woman came over with a pair of shaping jeans and my first reaction was “don’t even bother, these type of jeans never fit me”. Guess what, I tried them on and they’re amazing. Don’t let your prejudice guide you when shopping! Number three was in the pocket.

What I’m wearing in the vlog: bootcut jeans zwart [shop here] shaping jeans [shop here] iris jeans with special washing [shop here]

The three different pairs are a bootleg, a shaping skinny and a slim fit. In the video I’ve explained how they fit and how you can find yours in the shop. You can read it on the special hangtags, which I also show in the vlog. Wether you like these shapes is a matter of taste, but like me, don’t just think you don’t fit in a certain pair. Just keep on looking and try on several pairs, wherever you are.

Nother changes like the weather, or clothing factories. When it comes to jeans it’s such a long production process with different phases which can affect the fit. The style and pattern are obviously very importent. However depending on the fabric, including stretch or not, the heavy washings and laundry can really make a difference to the final outcome of a pair of jeans. This is why one pair of jeans can fit you perfectly and the other sometimes doesn’t, even from the same batch.

3 jeans, 3 styles


what’s your favourite pair of jeans?


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  • Eveline Fleur 2 March 2018 14:54

    Ze staan je alle drie prachtig! Ik vind de slim fit met die ‘vlekjes’ wel echt cute trouwens. <3 Die zwarte zou ik ook zo dragen (love zwart haha)

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