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Yes, French women do get fat

So happy to read this article “Yes, French women do get fat”. Finally someone is realistic about this topic. Read it here. 

All the do’s and don’ts in fashion are thrown overboard during the plus size catwalk in Paris. The plus size Parisian women are fed up with the restrictions for bigger sizes.

Pulp_fashion_week“We have always been told that round women cannot be beautiful and sexy, that you have to dress yourself in old-fashioned stores,” said Blanche Kazi, who founded the plus-size Pulp Fashion Week in 2013. She said the idea that only the miniscule sizes seen in magazines represented real beauty was “dictatorship”.

The past few years plus size fashion has grown bigger and better. Especially the past year we have seen the plus size shows in New York, London and Milan too. The designers are aware that the extreme skinny models are not the norm.

Last September the store Women Curves was opened as one of the few places to shop your plus size in Paris. It’s difficult to shop in Paris, let alone the rest of France to find fashionable, trendy items. Though online shopping is the trend, most women still like to go shopping.  Pulp Fashion Week’s artistic director Lalaa Misaki gave up and created her own clothing line, but still feels acceptance for her size is hard to find in France.

“The media objects to giving us attention because they are afraid of curvywomen being seen as obese women. But there is a lot of confusion; a size 48 can be in excellent health.”

Luckily the plus size brands and shops are booming. They are spreading slowly, soon all plus size women can shop. Do you feel like shopping in Paris? Check out the shops and addresses here on theBiggerBlog.

Source: fashionunited.com

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