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There’s a new blog online from Miranda: what’s your unique talent?

Do you know the feeling of being in a flow, being totally absorbed by something you love to do? Something that makes you forget about time and place and just gives you a high energy boost? Sometimes talent is hard to recognize, most of times it is something you take for granted. Like me, I used to be so creative and got my bachelor degree in fashion design. But life took a different turn and I kind of neglected my creative side. Until the day I re-discovered the fun and energy I got from it!


I have a Spanish dad and my parents own a nice place over there nearby the sea. We love to go there as often as we can to enjoy the sun, silence and see sight. So it all started during one of these trips. Away from daily pressure and targets, I so much enjoyed making wardrobe mood boards, sketches and drawings.

“How could I ever thought that this didn’t have to be part of my life!?”

As if I was keeping one side of my being away from myself. That is such a waste and doesn’t feel good. So after I recognized this I embraced my creativity and started to draw more and more. The first sketch I posted online was a drawing of me, wishing all my friends a happy new year, I was so glad that I got lots of likes, cause you know, being creative and putting yourself out there can be scary as well… But I am glad I did it! All I got back was love and positivity. And since then, I plan time regularly to feed my creative side and it makes me so happy!

you are special and unique

Do you feel like you should spend more time on yourself and your unique talents? Just take a moment to think, what is it that you love doing, that comes natural and write it down! This is YOU! Your uniqueness! And no one in the world will do it like you do. Unlock your full potential, don’t settle for less! For sure, I would love to hear what you found out, will you let me know…?

What’s your unique talent?

Till next time! X Miranda

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