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This Dutchie was at the Curve Fashion Festival last weekend, how much fun was that!

I went to the Curve Fashion Festival in Liverpool last weekend on the 10th of September and I had so much fun! Let me tell you and show you what I’ve been up to.

short trip

I wasn’t sure if I could manage to go. On the last minute I decided to go and I went as a stand by passenger, which means you can only come when there’s a seat available. It was quite unsure as I only heard it a few minutes before take off. Luckily we could go, both up and down safe and sound. Thank you EasyJet! To be honest, I said just before we left who is going to Liverpool anyway? Joking about the fact that the flight was almost sold out. Well men. Men go to Liverpool! There was an important soccer match and they wanted to watch it. Well ladies, next time just tag along with you man because Liverpool is shop city! I’ll tell you more about that soon.

the Curve Fashion Festival

the fair

The Curve Fashion Festival was held in the brand new exhibition center near the center, so it was only a short taxi drive over there. There was also a wedding fair going on so lots of ladies everywhere. We went to the fair and we expected it to be bigger actually, but when walking around we noticed there was everything we needed. One of my colleague bloggers Els couldn’t come and gave us her VIP tickets. Thank you Elsie! We started with a glass of prosecco and when we arrived a fashion show of several brands had started. Okay, let’s have a sit first front row!

the Curve Fashion Festivalthe Curve Fashion Festival

star struck

If you know me you would say that there aren’t many moments where I’m just flabbergasted. It happened, oh yes! I was completely star struck when I saw Tess Holliday standing just a few meters away. It sounds stupid but it surprised me too, I was actually a little bit nervous. There were only a few people standing in line to have their photos taken so I decided to go too, as a real fan, lol! Luckily I was a little more spontaneous when I met the other beautiful ladies. After taking a few Elvi-selfies with Hayley Hasselhoff, we also took some pictures together. Later on I had a talk with the lovely blogger babes, too bad we meet up more often.

the curve fashion festival

the curve fashion festival


Some of the brands were showing their new collections, which weren’t available yet in stores. They were also selling their current collection. Oh how hard it was to not shop! I could only carry hand luggage so it wasn’t going to fit anyway. Finally I ended up with a ton of goodie bags as you can see at the top of this page, standing at cutest cab ever. In my next post I will tell you all about the brands I spotted, their sneak previews and new collection items. A little hint, you really want it to be fall soon!

the Curve Fashion Festival

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  1. Shirley

    Hello, I always wish to attend the fashion festival. I must say this is a nice blog. All Pictures are looking awesome. Thanks for sharing this amazing and fashionable blog.

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