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sweet mom

Today it’s the birthday of my sweet mom and I have something to say to her

Once a year it’s Mothersday but I should take the time more often to tell her how much I appreciate her. Your parents are a big part of your development and the reason why you become you. In my plan to make life a bit more positive I decided to blog about this too. In the end I show you everything in my live, here or on other social media so why not talk about this? I am curious to hear if you recognize anything in this? My mom would hate it if I would post her photos so this time some photos from back in the days. You can see an eeneemeenee Josine too!

lieve mama

sweet mom, thank you

♥ for always being there for me but also for my brother and sister, nothing is too much

♥ for being my biggest fan on my blog

♥ for always welcoming us, wheter it’s for diner or just a cup of tea and always spoiling us

and a few thank you’s from the past…

♥ for making me those beuaitful clothes. Waking up in the morning and finding a new dress hanging in my room. Pure happiness (still though, hint)

♥ for teaching me to accept the way I am, at any size

sweet mom

me and my mom

sweet mom

that magic dress

sweet mom

with my brother and sister

 happy birthday momsweet mom

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