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5 ways to look slimmer

We can diet all we want but sometimes this is not the quick solution you are searching for. Luckily there are more ways to look slimmer. Read the 5 tips how to fool your weighing scale and look slimmer


It’s not the intention to flaunt your breasts so people won’t look at anything else.. By emphasizing your plus points you can actually look a lot slimmer. Where a V-neck which will make your body look longer and therefore slimmer as well. When you choose a round neckline you will look even fuller. Take care of your cleavage and use a body lotion with a shimmer.

killer heels

We all know that when we wear high heels we look slim(mer). There are even jokes that you look 1 kilo lighter for every centimeter on your heels. When you wear high heels you look longer and optically slimmer. Also the high heels will improve your body posture, you will walk up straight, your hips move along and your chest points forward. So next to looking a lot better you improve your body posture as well which makes you burn more calories then when wearing flat shoes. It’s a win win! Ladies who can’t wear high heels can choose platform or wedge heels. There’s always a solution.

hands up 

Nice hands are always a plus. But did you know that adjusting your nails can also help you to look slimmer? Yes, really. When you file your nails in a round, oval shape then your fingers will look longer and your hands will look slimmer. With a nice polish on your nails your hands are beautiful, with a natural polish or a bright color.

hair & make up

Your face can look slimmer when you use certain make up. Use a blush on your cheeks to create depth in your face, it will look smaller. Bright lips make you face optically longer which is a good plus for women with a round shaped face. Your hair style can also positively influence your looks. Do you have half long hair? Keep it long at the back to create length but wear a wisp or banks at front, with layers along your jaw line.


With earrings you want your face to look longer and slimmer. So choose long earrings in stead of rings. A necklace is not always suitable but when you wear one, then use a long, sleek necklace. One that has a nice drape, don’t choose the big, chunky necklaces.


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