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My work & a size 8

I am a real fashion girl, but different. Everyday it’s all about my work & a size 8. But after work, it’s all about plus sizes. How does that work?

Curious to what I do daily, besides blogging? I will tell you more about this here.

product manager 

The past years I have worked at several companies as a product developer, buyer or product manager. Everywhere the same job has a different name. What do you do in this job? What does it have to do with fashion? Each brand you can find in the stores have been developed from a piece of fabric until the garment on the shopfloor. To get there, a lot of work has to be done and that’s  my job. Measuring the garments, fitting for the right shape, checking fabrics and colors or negotiating the prices. It’s a job that not many people even know about.

free lance 

The past years I worked for several fashion brands and now I am a free lance product manager. I visit different fashion brands and work with their collections. It varies per brands, per department on what I do. To collaborate with a fashion brand and to see their office and how they work is always new and exiting. Everywhere they work differently, but the all have the same goal: a great collection for the shops to sell well. The nice part about this job is that I see all the collection 1 year upfront, the bad part is that when the collections go into the shops I am already fed up with it. Though good styles last!

size 8 

Most brands sample in a size 8, some even smaller. Only in the latest process the bigger sizes are fitted and checked. It’s really important for a designer to think upfront on how it will look in a bigger size. Daily I work with sizes 6 and 8. My own clothing is a lot bigger of course, but I don’t even see the difference anymore. To me it’s about the product, how it’s made an dmore important how it fits and makes me feel. The number on the sizelabel is just a number.


Everyday I see slim, beautiful models fitting the garments. Even if I have them try on a garbage bag I am sure they will look absolute stunning. The same doesn’t apply to the regular people, like you and me. But what do we wear? You can read it here on theBiggerBlog.com. There’s not enough attention for full figured, curvy ladies who want to look young and trendy. Who also like to ‘just’ go to a shop and buy whatever they like. But nowadays this is much more accessible and I want to share this with you. The reason why I started this blog.

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