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Big butts are healthy!

The famous song from Sir Mix-a-lot called Baby got back and the famous lyric I like big butts we all know too well. Let’s find out why we all love this song and why it’s besides beautiful also healthy to have a big behind? Big butts..

..are healthier

There are studies that proof that women with a big behind are healthier then women with a smaller behind. They have a smaller chance on diabetes or heart and vascular disease because they have a lower cholesterol and produce hormones which metabolize sugars. Next to all of this, women with a small waist, wide hips and big behinds life longer.

..show fertility

It sounds weird, but to a man’s brain a small waist on a woman means that she’s not pregnant. So if she has wide hips it means she’s very capable of bearing his child. So women with an hourglass figure are the perfect mate for men! It’s like a guarantee for them that those women can produce healthy babies. Does sound very old-fashioned.

..are good for intelligence 

In general women with a large behind are smarter. Seriously? Yes! According to the scientists of the University of Oxford this is a fact because for a larger behind your body need an excess of omega-3 fats. These fatty acids promote the development of the brains.

..have smarter kids 

It gets even weirder. Not only are the women with larger behind smarter, they also have smarter kids! The fat of the behind contains poly- unsaturated fatty acids which is important for the development of the fetus. A research showed that the bigger the moms behind, the smarter the kids’ intelligence.

..are better in the sack 

Men prefer women with curves. This is because bigger women supposedly are better in bed. According to men they are more giving and more prepared to try out new stuff.

..are happier and more confident 

Last but not least, curved ladies are more confident and happier. This is also caused by the omega-3 fatty acids which play an important role in preventing depressions. These women have a positive vibe which attracts men.



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