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After the summer season comes October and along with it fall  

Hi sweet people, it is October and Autumn is here! Itmeans summer is really really yes really over… I always feel a bit sad when I come back from my September break cause I know it will take a long time till the next one. But no time for sadness!  I will share my latest holiday fashion pictures and hopefully add some sunshine to get by this autumn month of October. 

“just buy something and wear it”

You know, I usually I do some work on clothes, I can hardly just buy something and wear it. So this time I would like to share my little summer projects with you and hope you get inspired!After the summer 

This is a story about 2 kaftans, not made for plussize gals like me. Just before I go on a trip I always feel like I don’t have anything to wear..recognize this..? And so..I went shopping and found a nice kaftan dress at H&M. Initially it was too tight but you know kaftans are just a square piece of fabric with stitches at the side to define the size. If it is too tight, you just stitch a seam that suits your size and remove the old one! So I did and thought it was fine. But when I tried it on during my trip, I found the neckline not too flattering… guess what, I took a close look at the kaftan and thought: ”hmm this kaftan has a very good off-shoulder dress potential”. 

After the summer

So I went for it! I bought some thread & needles and cut of the neckline. I used the waistband to make the shoulderstraps. Sounds simple and it is simple! Like?? 

“If I can wear it to the beach you might as well see my bathing suit” 

 Another kaftan adventure is an older one but nevertheless nice and useful. Lots of kaftans come with a tighter lining dress. Sometimes to avoid see-through or just to define the size. After the summer

I have one in my closet of marlies|dekkers for a long time and it is a beauty. But unfortunately the lining dress was too tight. After a close look I decided to cut out the lining dress and wear it as a transparent cover up to go to the beach! I thought “if I can wear it to the beach you might as well see my bathing suit”. And it looks fabulous if I may say so myself…  After the summer

Never feel limited by the size or shape of something you like. Often you can change something to make it work! Try it and let me know what you created? Till next time! 


X Miranda



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