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Fashion Revolution Day

On the 24th of April 2015 it’s Fashion Revolution Day. An important day that we should all participate as fashion lovers.

We all remember the devastating news that a factory in Bangladesh collapsed about two years ago a killed so my people. We felt awful about it, but what did we do about it. And more important, what can we do about it?


The organization Fashion Revolution wants to bring everyone in and around fashion together on one day and help raise awareness about what is going on the world. They believe that a change is possible but we all have to be involved. The consequences of fast fashion for people and environment are something we have to improve for a sustainable future.

Fashion Revolution Day

get involved

You can also get involved by turning your outfit inside out and make a photo or even a selfie with the main label of a brand and use the hashtag #whomademyclothes If you like to read more about this topic, you can find a great list of material here.

personal note

As a product developer in fashion I find this a very difficult topic, but also very important. We have to be aware who is making our fast fashion. Don’t start with the cheap brands, but make sure to take a look at all brands. Raising the price on the tag doesn’t mean that garment has been made according to the requested standards. I have visited lots of factories in India, China, Indonesia, Poland and Turkey. None of them are the same! Then there are so many different types of factories, for sewing -and those are also divided into different sections of fashion- for laundry, for printing etc. There is a lot that has to be changed, improved and it has to happen soon. I can tell you that all fashion companies, or at least those I know, have clear contracts with agents and factories to maintain moral and environmental agreements. Unfortunately we are not always there, what happens when we walk out of that factory? In my opinion, there is a lot to be done in these countries and it has to start at the top. Not only in garment factories, but in general.

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