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Wrap presents like a little party

You can wrap presents like a little party. What will be more fun, the present or the wrapping? Read here all the trics to improve your wrapping skills.

1 wrapping paper 

You can buy wrapping paper everywhere but sometimes you have to go that extra mile for fun paper. Will you put a smile on the face of the person for whom you’re wrapping? Here are some tips for wrapping paper:
♥ check out the little boutiques, book or postcard shops, often they sell original small rolls of paper.
♥ make your own wrapping apper by printing a nice print or photo on paper and personalise it with texts.
♥ use news paper, especially a foreign language is very decorative.
♥ use an A3 paper and stick all kinds of texts and images from mangazines or comics, or just use the whole page for small presents.
♥ do you have kids? Give them an A3 paper and let them go their way, paint or draw and get creative.
♥ use a plastic bag and fill it with confetti or sequins and put your present in there.
♥ use a paper bag as wrapping and decorate it with stamps, text, glitter or stickers.










2 decorations 

Wrapping a present isn’t that difficult no matter which paper you’re using. Pimping it with decorations always makes it more festive. But what can you use besides the regular ribbons? Although these can be creative as well..
♥ washi tape is hot. A type of tape with decorative prints on them. Wrap it with this in stead of tape or use it as stickers.
♥ paper roset, those lace like paper sheets which are used for a cake or coffee plate. These are really nice to decorate your presents with as shown below.
♥ satin ribbons and rope in stead of regular ribbings. Use different colors of bakers rope, boucle rope, satin ribbons or sequined ribbons, all kinds of decorative options to be found.










3 box or bag  

For the less creative, or those without time you can put your present in a nice box or bag. Quick and easy but also creative.
♥ buy a readymade bag, very nice if you have several small presents. Put them all in 1 bag and you don’t have to wrap each present very decoratively. We all know this for wine wrapping but for presents this is also very nice.
♥ make the bag yourself and decorate it, in the many different ways as mentioned for the wrapping paper.
♥ for small presents a box is very nice. Buy it or make it yourself from carton, paper, newspaper or even light wooden boxes. Get creative.










4 envelope

Well, sometimes you don’t have a present but you want to give some money. Why not wrap this nicely in stead of just putting it in an envelope?
♥ use the money as origami, fold it like a piece of art without tearing it.
♥ pimp your envelope. Use all above mentioned creative ways to pimp the envelope. With paper, stickers, glitter, tapes etc. This way giving money is a lot nicer!


source: Dawanda & pinterest 

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