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How can you do workouts without all the equipment?

We all know that exercising more is good for us but sometimes the gym looks like the only solution and for that we don’t have time. Here you can find 5 workouts which can do you at home:

1. squats

squats sportoefeningenThis is easy and everybode can do this. Right now it’s very popular because squats will strengthen all muscles around your but area and legs, who doesn’t want that? These muscles carry you around all day so you can imagine they’re large, this means they can burn lots of calories! How does it work? Spread your legs so that they are almost equal to your shoulders. Keep your arms stretched out in front of you for balance. Sometimes keeping them in your waist is more easy. Curve your back but this goes automatically in this position. Bend your knees slowly untill your thighs are horizontally in an angle of 90 degrees. Make sure you are stable and are focussing on your legs. Keep this for 1 second and slowly rise up again. repeat this, start with 10x and try to do more every time your work out.

2. sit ups

Who doesn’t know the classic sit ups, and who doesn’t hate them? The easiest way to work your abs when there is no equipment available are sit ups. Why is this so good? Well this strengthens your waist and support your spine. Well that tight tummy is not happening any time soon but a flat(ter) tummy is a good goal to work on. How does it work? Lie down on the floor on something comfortable. For little money you can buy a yoga mat or use a blanket. Don’t use a matras or something too soft, the ground floor should be rather hard. sit ups sportoefeningen

Lie down flat on your back and place your feet flat on the ground. Your legs are now on 90 degrees. Put your hands behind your head and move up slowly. Work those abs! Don’t go pulling your head or neck because it will only result in terrible headaches. Focus on your abs while working out. When you cannot pull up all the way to your knees then pull up only half way. Make sure to go back down slowly as well. Repeat this exercise 4 times 10 sit ups. Each work out you can try to do more or come up further.

tip nip your feet below the coach or closet for an easier sit up position
tip when you cannot come up till your knees then make sure your wait slightly longer before going back down, to maintain the same effect.

3. jogging or bicycling

Jogging is a good cardio training. They say you can get high of jogging, or running. Just as when doing squats you’re using your thigh muscles mostly which are big and burning lots of calories. You can always go outside for a jog. Or the more fortunate ladies among us can use their home trainer. Unfortunately jogging or running is not an option for all body types. Especially for plussize people this can be very severe for the knees. That doesn’t matter, the other option is bicycling. Perhaps a but too Dutch of me to say, but this really works. You can enjoy the outside as much and it doesn’t affect the knees as much. Take along your kids, dogs and just exercise this way.

4. leg lifts

leg lift sportoefeningenA good workout for both legs as well as abs are the leg lifts. How does this work? Again take your yoga mat and lie flat. Spread your arms towards the sides and make sure your upper torso is relaxed. Move your legs up in a slow tempo. Keep your legs stretched, if this is not possible then bend them but slightly. See the lower photo to get the idea. Then bring your legs all the way up and keep them there for 2 seconds. Slowly lower them again till just above the floor. Wait here for another 2 seconds and repeat the workout. This is a really tough exercise but with a quick result. Try to do this workout as many times as you can and try to improve each time your exercise. Practice makes perfect!


5. push uppush up sportoefeningen

Don’t walk away, we all hate push ups! But the effect on the upper body is so good that we cannot skip it, sorry. We all know this work out but luckily there are some variations which make it actually workable for all body types. In stead of pushing up from your toes you can start from hands and knees and push up from this positon. It’s still difficult but not impossible. Another option is using a table, chair or stair step. You exercise your arms and shoulders this way. How does it work? Place your hands on the floor or item aligned with your shoulders. Lower your entire body and come back up again slowly. Stretch your body and focus on your abs. Lower your body till your nose is about 10 cm from the floor and your elbow slightly widened. Repeat this as many times possible and keep track each workout.

It takes a lot of self discipline to work out at home. Perhaps a membership to the gym is easier? What’s most important is that you exercise frequently: 30 minutes each day is minimum. Perhaps you’re already super active, running or bicycling everywhere already. But don’t forget about the fitness, strength training. This is not only for bodybuilders and guys! 


source & images: gezondafvallen.nl

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