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Weight Watchers

weight watchers

Are you familiar with Weight Watchers? A plus size can be beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of. However we all wish we could eat whatever we want without gaining weight, right?

About three years ago I started with WeightWatchers. A life long of dieting is impossible but thinking about what you put in your mouth is something we all do already. They say after puberty you gain 1 kilo per year, so by the time you are 40 your have gained over 20 kilo. Nobody really wants that, but it happens anyway.

I still haven’t got a regular size, I am not skinny, but I did loose a lot of weight. Plus I have an improved lifestyle now. 

The meetings at Weight Watchers weren’t at all what I had expected. I thought it would be very over the top, as I thought it was an American concept and we Dutchies are very blunt. Weighing doesn’t happen publicly, for some reason I thought this would be. It’s done discretely and a quick motivation talk follows, whether you lost or gained weight. The rest of the time the coach tells an informative story, each time with a different topic. I really liked it and I must say I have really learned a lot. Again something I didn’t think would happen, because when you are overweight your whole life you think you probably know all the tricks in the book. But she proofed me wrong.

You can also skip the meetings and just download the app and do it yourself. This is something I have been doing the past year, but I find it hard. I just wrote a blog about getting back on track again. If you start this I recommend you go to the group meeting, at least the first month or so.

Personally I don’t believe in dieting. I know lots of women who have lost lots of weight with a dient and then stayed on the same weight. The worst diets to me are the low-carb diets. I strongly believe in adjusting your lifestyle. With small adjustments you can loose weight or stay on the same weight. It’s healthy and you don’t skip any meals. I am fan, how about you?

Weight Watchers

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