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How about a typical Dutch kruidnoten cake?

You can’t find it anywhere else these little sweets called kruidnoten are linked to Sinterklaas, which is for kids and happens each year on the 5th of December. However in September these sweets can be bought already. Rediculous.. but since they’re there you might as well use it: bake your kruidnoten cake.

typical Dutch kruidnoten cake


bottom 200 grams kruidnoten | 100 gram butter, melted
top layer 200 grams (fresh) orange juice | 30 grams white sugar | 3 sheets gelatine
decoration 150 grams whipped cream | 15 grams white sugar | a handfull (truffle)kruidnoten
cream mix 300 gram whipped cream | 125 grams white caster sugar | 300 grams cream cheese | 4 sheets gelatine | 1 orange, zest and juice | 100 grams (truffle)kruidnoten*, grinded
equiptment round cake pan 20cm | baking sheet | plastic bag with rolling pin or chopper | mixer with whisk, spatula | (steel)pan | orangepress



Get all the ingredients ready. Place the baking sheet on the bottom of the cake pan, add the ring and close. Cut off the balance paper or cut the paper in shape upfront. Put the kruidnoted in a plastic bag and beat it with the rolling pin to grind them, or use a chopper. Put the grinded kruidnoten in a bowl and add the melted butter and mix. Put the mix onto the baking sheet and divide. Use the backside of a spoon to flatten it out. Before you proceed with the next step, put the cake pan in the fridge (for at least 15 minutes).  

Whisk the whipped cream till it’s like yoghurt thickness and add as last the sugar. Soak the gelatine in cold water. Squeese the orange and put this with the zest in a pan and heat it up. Once warm take it off the stove and add the squeezed out gelatine. Stir untill all is solved. Whisp the cream cheese and add the orange juice untill properly mixed. Stir the whipped cream mixture through this and at last, add the truffle kruidnoten. Poor this mix into the cake pan on top of the bottom. Smoothen the topside and place back in the frigde. This has to be cooled for 2 hours, or 30 minutes in the freezer. I recommend the fridge.. 

Now you start with the top layer. Soak the other gelatine in cold water and heat up the orange juice and sugar. When warm take it off the stove and solve the gelatine. Stir until all is solved. Let this cool to room temperature and poor it onto the cream mixture. Again this has to go into the frigde for a whole night or at least two hours in the freezer. If you want to open up the cake pan without tearing the cake, first rub a wet, warm cloth on the outside. Then carefully open it and place it on a plate. Whisk the whipped cream with sugar and decorate the cake. Add some kruidnoten on top to show what’s inside. 

tip you can buy these with shops in Belgium and Germany too (like Hema) or order them online. Another option is to use oreo cookies instead, or other nice crumble cookies. Enjoy! 

*  truffle kruidnoten are the same as kruidnoted but covered in white chocolate and a dark chocolate powder coating


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