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skirt day

It’s a typical Dutch thing: the first warm day of the year is called skirt day. Let me explain myself.

Something strange to translate, but necessary in order to explain myself, is that the Dutch have a term for the first warm day in spring, skirt day! Of course this was initiated by a man! And I don’t say that with a grudge or anything, it’s just that men don’t realize the bare-leg-issues. I don’t mind the skirt day but I do mind the pale, white legs because in April my legs aren’t summer proof yet.

So the question arises do we participate with this skirt day or shall I just wear what I feel like wearing? I think I will go for the last option, typical. But on the other hand, it can be nice to do something fun. In the end we’re all happy to see the sun is shining again right?

Eventhough it’s not a typiscal fashionable skirt year, we do have some nice options to wear! There is the skater skirt, a wide and flared skirt. Or perhaps you are more the type for a pencil skirt, a bodycon skirt? The trendy wrap skirt is also an option, more like a mini skirt with a wrap at the front and emphasized angles. Well, and if you want to cheat a little you can always wear the culottes.


What am I doing? Am I openly discussing what I will be wearing in the next couple of days? Let’s not, this is too frustrating. These things can seriously stress me out. I’ll choose Friday morning when I am in front of my closet, like I always do. How about you?

Which skirt will you be wearing? Or will you choose a pair of pants deliberately?


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