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Respect for Tess

As a plus size blogger I have a lot of respect for Tess Holliday. The lady you see in the news and allover social media! Everybody has an opinion about her.

She is 5″5, wears a size 22 and she has signed with the famous model agency Milk Management. It was allover the news and on social media and the opinions where very varying. Since my opinion about this is somewhere in the middle I decided not to write about it. However it’s now taking a step to far and in some cases it’s body shaming.

your opinion or just rude? 

Everybody can have their opinion. You don’t have to agree with everybody and you can have your own taste. Apparently most Dutch internet users are very negative because I read very few positive replies. Do we only reply when we have a negative opinion, or when we don’t like something or when we disagree? Lately I have been checking the replies in the Dutch social media when magazines or brands requested an opinion. It’s shocking to read all the negativity. Whenever an opinion is asked about someone’s looks it’s mostly negative. Big or small, tall or petite, an artist or a regular person. Not even talking about the lack of grammar!

let’s not promote obesity 

This line of text might shock you but I can tell you that this is a very common reply when the news came out that Tess Holliday got signed with Milk Management. I find this shocking! Like young girls are now starting to gain weight to look like her? Or that we are changing our standard models to plus size? No, this is reality and very important for the current development in size diversity. It’s a pretty lady with a plus size. There are lots of women who can relate to her and they love to see a full figured woman showing a collection in a realistic size.

Tess Holliday

fat people are unhealthy

This was also one of the comments. Written literary or alike, there was one point: all fat people are unhealthy. An assumption made but not based on facts. There are probably lots of curvy people who are unhealthy but then again, lots or regular, thin, skinny people might not be healthy either. Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t like curvy women or if you even hate it than this is your opinion. However it’s not necessary to throw around fake facts like they are the truth. Don’t start body shaming either, respect each other.


Now my opinion. I think Tess is an inspiring woman. She might not have the right sizes or height to be plus size model but she got all these followers on social media because she is real. In the end she is just a curvy lady who wants to show the world you can look great at any size! And she does. I can understand the modeling agency to hire her for commercial reasons. She is a beautiful woman and a great model. She might not be the perfect body type for every type of shoot, but I am no expert to judge so. I think the Dutch can be slightly narrow minded and don’t see the whole picture. I think Tess can be as inspiring for other woman as she is for me.

Would you like to read more about Tess?
Check out her website and blog.

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