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problem area solved with surgery

What if there is one area on your body where you don’t loose any weight and the rest does? How to solve this! Jorien tells me about her plastic surgery.

Last week I spoke with a close friend who -by now- has had surgery. What at first seems like something cosmetic turns out to be necessary. The funny thing is, I always knew it was a problem for her but I never really noticed that it was actually interfering with her daily life. And so she tells me, she’s in pain on a daily basis. I interviewed her just days before her surgery and spoke with her briefly after.

loosing weight

You have lost a lot of weight, where did you start and what’s you goal? About three years ago I started to keep track on what I was eating. Back then I was a size 22. To me that was too big and I really noticed this during shopping. The things I like are till a size 16-18 so at first that was my goal, to shop wherever I wanted.  


How did you do it? I noticed that I wasn’t eating a lot, I even skipped lots of meals. For years I didn’t have daily breakfast or even lunch! I really wanted to learn how I could eat healthy. We all know the really bad and really good things, but what is a wise lifestyle?  I did all this with the help of a dietician, once every few months I am in contact with her. The first thing she noticed is that I wasn’t eating enough. So, it worked?! Yes, by changing the way I eat and what I am eating, but also when I am eating has helped me to reach that size 18 and even kept me going further. 

the problem

Finally you have reached your goal weight by working out and eating healthy and regularly. So what’s the probleem? Jorien has lost all the weight she wanted to loose but not on the inside of her thighs. It’s like she has two lumps at the inside of her legs, how she describes it. Whatever she does, this area doesn’t loose any weight. She went to her doctor to ask for advise and he send her to a plastic surgeon. Besides the mental issues -which it has been for the past years- it’s also a daily problem for me when I walk, ride the bicycle or when I work out. How does that feel? It’s always feels like there are bruises on the my thighs, an enormous pain. Besides that it’s also scuffing. Even when I play outside with the kids at work during the day secures me of an evening on the coach with horrible aches. To me that sounds horrible! Daily in pain or issues because of this, when you have done all you can to solve it. If it wasn’t so painful I wouldn’t have gone through with the surgery.  

problem area solved with surgery


I often read and hear about doctors being opinionated about curvy girls, was this the case to with you? No because it was so obvious that this problem on my legs was not in balance with the rest of my body. At my tummy area I lost over 15 cm and on my thighs I only lost 3 millimeter over the same period. Amazing and how frustrating! So what will be the procedure? First I am treating so that it can be operated, then a liposuction and finally a skin correction surgery all at once. What do you expect from the surgery and what will it look like? Unfortunately there will be big visual scars horizontale over my thighs. And how do you feel about that? Now I think I am fine with it but I am not sure how I will cope with the scars. It’s okay if this will take away the pain. What will your life look like after the surgery? For six weeks I have to wear special pants to keep the scars together and to improve the surgery results. For two weeks I can’t work and for six weeks I can’t work out. How did you prepare for this? After I had convinced my insurance company to pay for this surgery I started the proces. I wanted to train my leg and abdominal muscles in order to have a quick recovery. A healthy body recovers quicker. I used a personal trainer which I contacted daily and worked my ass off in order to be in perfect shape. 


The days after the surgery I was in contact with Jorien. Luckily she wasn’t in real pain and she was relieved it was all done. Hopefully she has a quick and healthy recovery and I would like to see the results in a couple of months.

I would like to thank Jorien for telling her story. I hope she has a quick and healthy recovery with the perfect end result.

with thanks to Jorien ♥ featured image: lifestylejetset.nl 

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