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How often do you polish shoes?

Perhaps not something that everybody does daily but you should. Nowadays you don’t 1 or 2 good pairs, you have a closet full of shoes and boots. No problem but when you polish those old ones, you even have more to choose from. Let me show you how.

how to? how do you polish those old, leather shoes?
1) Clean the shoes properly with a small brush or even a toothbrush. Brush off all the dirt, sand and mudd especially from the seams. This is the most important part or else you will rub the dirt back into the shoes. 
2) When there is a stain then treat this first. This can be done best with a water repellent spray. Add some on a cloth and rub it over the shoes. 
3) Shoes with a while sole (sport shoes often) you can clean excellent with baby napkins (alcohol free wetties). 
4) When you shoes have faded or stained then it’s best to use a color shoe cream in the same color or one tone darker. When the shoe has only faded a bit in color then you can use a transparent shoe cream. Rub the shoes with the cream and make sure all is rubbed in very well, use a soft brush to do so. 
5) Polish the shoes with an old, soft cloth until they shine again. 
6) To make your old shoes look like new you could also change the laces. You can buy these in a shoe store or at the shoe repair shop. They will look like new! 

With a bit of work and love they will look as new again. And ladies, the same goes for boots and sandals. These could also need some love and attention now and then. 

It’s such a waste when wearing a beautiful outfit but the shoes are old and wasted.  

Tips from the shoe repair shop 

It’s best to polish and clean you shoes weekly. It sounds like a lot of work but you will enjoy them longer.
Use tensioners in shoes and boots to keep the right shape. 

 Check the material of your shoes, using the right brush and cream for the right material, for example with suede.
 Do you love your shoes but the color is off? Then go to the shoe repair shop and check out the options. Often it’s possible to dye you shoes. 


source: schoenmaker.com

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