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It’s very confusing, what’s a plus size? When talking about plus size people often think about fat people

Does plus size automatically means fat too? It all depends on the way you look at it. Fat is an understanding, a saying, not a measurement. Plus size starts at size 42 European size. This translates to US size 12 and UK size 14. It’s been researched that 40% of the Dutch women starts at a size 42 or bigger! So when you think about it, this size is almost normal. Still we call this plus size. It’s strange that there aren’t many plus size brands or shops.


When you think that European women with size 42 and up spent the same amount of money -or more- compared to their skinnier shopping friends, you wonder why there are so few plus size shops? I’d say: a business opportunity! If only I had a pile of money to spend, I would have started my own fashion label immediately. My ideal shop? Where everyone can shop, size diversity from size 34 up to size 52. In the European fashion industry plus size garments are sold in a size range of 42 till 54. Translated to US sizes this would be 12-24 and for UK sizes this would be 14-26. For the larger garments in this range there are the so called supersize and extended size or so I’ve read. These sizes aren’t easy to find in Holland or Europe because that’s more US focussed I guess. There are a few labels who sell this.

plus size shopping

It surprises me how few Dutch ladies are aware of the plus size brands. I would like to change that, and even globally! On theBiggerBlog you will  find posts about plus size brands and where they can be found, whether this is a shop or this is online. Wearing a bigger size doesn’t mean you can’t dress nice! Check the website for all shopping addresses and how to translate the latest trends into your own size! It’s my goal, my mission that every woman can shop, somewhere.

shop your shape, not your size 

Even when a shop doesn’t sell your size, it doesn’t mean you don’t fit in it. Check your body, look how it’s shaped, get to know what suits you best and where you fit in. Sometimes a shape of a garment says so much more compared to the size label sewn in. Follow your sense and just try it on. Who knows, you might just fit in a size small?!

fat versus plus size 

In Dutch we don’t have a word for plus size, other then fat or big. Most ladies don’t like to use this Dutch word, they think it’s offending but using plus size is just another way of saying it. In the end it’s not about how to describe yourself, but they way you feel. That’s why I prefer to use the term curvy which is not related to a size. You can be very skinny and still have curves. The same applies for a very big women. Who cares how you call it? As long as you’re happy with the term, it’s fine with me.

Image: Ayelet Baron

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