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British Plus Size Awards 2015

Who should be nominated for the British Plus Size Awards 2015? Vote now and perhaps your choice will be favorite!

British Plus Size Awards 2015Saturday the 21st of November 2015 is a night to enjoy. The British Plus Size Awards will be held in Londen. A great event that happens every year and is fully focussed on size diversity and plus size.

Celebraties, magazines, models, photographers and bloggers can be nominated for these awards, but only with your votes. Curious, who will be nominated this year and even more exiting, who will win?

Well you can have a say in all of this by voting. There are several different topics to vote on. Have a look here and choose your favorites of the plus size industry. You are not obligated to fill out each topic, just fill out all the topics you have an opinion about. The only thing that is obligatory is your name and mail address. What will be your choice of nominations? Keep in mind, your can fill out the same name in different topics.

Everybody can be nominated at this point, so go and vote so you favorite person wins, no matter where located. As an example, last year the Dutch plus size magazine Big is Beautiful won the award for best magazine, how cool! I can’t wait to see the list of nominees this year. You can vote until 5th of June.

If you want to keep up to date just follow their Facebook page here.

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