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Oven baked carrots

How to make these lovely oven baked carrots?

Easy! A classy, simple and cheap recipe to fancy up your dish. theBiggerBlog loves carrots, they’re healthy, tasty, keep you young and they make you even more beautiful! What elso you want? But to eat simply cooked carrots every week gets so boring! So here’s a new recipe you can make yourself.

Buy a bunch of carrots and clean them. Don’t go scraping with a knife like I use to do but just use a peeler instead. Works a lot cleaner and quicker. I always have too much but I don’t want to waste it. So I keep about one third of the bunch aside, cleaned. Depending on your time and your planning you can do 2 things. One, you can cook them for a few minutes in boiling water so that they don’t have to go into the oven so long. This is easiest when you plan a diner and you want to prepare upfront. This can be done in the morning already. Or two, you can put them in the microwave when they are still wet, for about 2-3 minutes to get a steamed effect.

carrotsPlace a baking sheet on your oven plate. Place the carrots, herbs, lime and garlic onto the plate as shown on the photo below. Then use an oil spray (I always use the Weight Watchers spray) and make sure all the ingredients get a little layer of oil. Sprinkle some sea salt and peper too. I have used dille on the photo below but thyme is wonderfull too. Shake the plate or twist the veggies so that all sides are covered. Of course you can also just drip the oil on there but you will need more oil and it’s less healthy that way. You want the oil to be on all the veggies or else they will burn in the oven. Preheat the oven on 180°C and place the carrots in the middle of the oven for about 20-30 minutes. Check regularly.

Now what did I do with that one third I kept aside?

I took the green part off, chopped it in chunks. I peeled some potatoes and chopped them in equal size chunks. Boil them in lots of water with a pinch of salt. When soft, drain all and place back into the pan. Mash them with some butter and milk, add some salt, peper and fresh dille or other herbs. You will have a lovely mashed potato with a dash of orange. If you want it extra yum, add some fresh fried onions and garlic to the puree.

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