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Life with a gastric band

In the previous post you read how Anne Marie got a gastric band at age 28 but how is life with a gastric band? And how does she see her future?

loosing weight

Leven met een maagband“In the first week I lost 9 kilograms and in the next two weeks 15 kilograms”. That much in just two weeks? I was shocked. Like she described herself “At first I did have a little hunger in my tummy but when I eat I am full after just a couple of bites”. When she ate too much she got sick or even threw up. Any counseling? A very helpful dietician helped her out. Every two hours she had to eat little portions and drink regularly. But not at the same time! This could clog up her stomach. Anne Marie:

Actually this is good advise for everyone, no matter what size you are. Eating small portions and eating little bits force you to enjoy each flavor in your mouth. Since I had my gastric band I taste each flavor and like more then before. 

how do you keep it up?

To me it seams frustrating. Without a gastric band I sometimes think ‘I wish I could eat everything I wanted without gaining weight’ so when you have a gastric band I assume this happens too. But how do you cope with this? She nods. Living with a gastric band is not easy, you really have to adjust your lifestyle. What keeps you going? Anne Marie tells me that she wants to work on her health now that she is still young. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes run in her family and she want to prevent getting it herself. She wants a healthy body and life.


Anne Marie lost over 40 kilograms thanks to the gastric band. She as adjusted her whole lifestyle. Her grocery shopping, her cooking and even going out for a bite to eat. She can eat everything, but small portions. Do you need surgery again? “Unfortunately yes, in about 2 years” she tells me. After about 10 years the gastric band has to be removed. Nowadays they work differently and you keep it but her type of gastric band has to be removed. “I am a bit exited” she tells me  because this will be the moment of truth, she will have to do everything on her own by then. I can imagine how difficult that would be. But don’t you gain weight at all when having a gastric band? She starts to laugh out loud “I wish”. She explains that when you have a gastric band you still have to schedule and plan your diners even if the portions are small. Anne Marie admits “When I don’t exercise enough and have a few glasses of wine too many in the weekend I notice it immediately on the scale”.

I thought having a gastric band makes life easier. Loosing weight and not having to work on it. How wrong was I. After hearing the whole story from Anne Marie I started to look at it differently. With much more respect! 


images: thebiggerblog | special thanks to Anne Marie for sharing her story 

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