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These homemade white chocolates are delicious and easy to make

Make these homemade white chocolates yourself. Easy and quick, except for the cooling off time. Also nice to make with kids! What do you need for a bout 20 chocolates?


200 g white chocolate
1 lime
pecan nuts
dried cranberries
mini marshmallows
goiji berries

pan with water
glass bowl, bigger then the pan
rubber spatula
plate or platter
baking paper

witte chocola


Set the pan with water to a boil. Crumble the white chocolate in the glass bowl and place it on top of the pan. Make sure the chocolate melts and stir regularly. Rasp the lime over the chocolate and stir.

Add the baking paper to the plate. When the chocolate is completely melted then place the bowl in front of the plate. Use a spoon to drip the chocolate mix onto the baking paper. Keep the spoon in 1 place so that a pile of chocolate turns into a circle. When necessary use the backside of the spoon to create a larger circel by stiring circular. It has to become a flat surfaced circle of 4-5 cm.

witte chocola

One by one add all the ingredients. Place 1 ingredient at the time on all the chocolates to make sure they all come out the same.

Place the plate in the fridge to cool down so that the chocolate hardens. After about an hour you can take them out and peel off the paper to serve. Enjoy!

check the market or the reform shop where you can often buy the nuts and dried fruit in your own required quantity, per gram. Keep them in jars and you have your own stock which remains good for a long period of time. 

Tip after you have added all ingredients sprinkle some coconut rasp over it
Tip you can use all kind of nuts, make sure to use non-salted ones
Tip besides marshmallows you can also use mini m&Ms or sprinkled to add some color

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