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Gastric band

Anne Marie vertelt over haar maagbandFor several years now Anne Marie has a gastric band. Besides loosing weight it has changed more in her life.

Sometimes you loose people out of sight but when you meet them again, it’s like nothing has changed. That’s how I feel about Anne Marie. A few weeks back I read a discussion on Facebook about loosing weight with surgery. I decided to contact Anne Marie and ask her all the questions I didn’t dare asking her before.

gastric band

Anne Marie is full of life and was happy to tell her story. It’s over eight years now that she has had the operation, a gastric band. Why did you choose for a gastric band and not other options? Anne Marie explains that back then there wasn’t this much information about the options. It also depends on your doctor and his advise. He advised her this gastric band because she was still young enough to adjust her way of living. The other options have a lot more impact and aren’t reversible.


The hardest question to ask: Were you always big? Anne Marie smiles and starts telling her story. She has never been petite but also not big. This only started when she was about 21. As a kid she grew up in Canada and she was normal, like the other kids. When moving to Holland and going to school she noticed she was a bit different than the other kids, bigger and taller. At 21 she had a boyfriend and she started to enjoy diners with the family, going out and doing stuff. Slowly she was gaining weight. Then when she got a job she didn’t exercise as much as she did and gained weight. In this period of time I met Anne Marie for the first time.

Anne Marie vertelt over haar maagband

the change

I wonder how you get to the point of having such surgery, especially eight years ago when not every answer could be found online. I asked her. She told me she never heard of such a solution for loosing weight. She tried all the diets in the book, even one via her doctor but all didn’t really work out. One day she was fed up and told her doctor she really wanted a solution because she was starting to feel awkward in her own body. He did the standard tests to check her health to see if there wasn’t anything wrong with her. When she passed all of them he told her she could go for a gastric band surgery and was added to a waiting list. Anne Marie:

After the test it all went so fast! In August 2006 I was added to the waiting list. In December I got a call that I would have my surgery in January already. 

How does it work, first surgery and then immediately change your lifestyle? How did you do this? Anne Marie starts to smile. It was 8 years ago but she remembers like it was yesterday. She was sick at home for two weeks and then life started like it was before. “The first 6 weeks I was only allowed to eat liquid food”. How can you keep that up and what do you eat? She sighs and starts to tell. In those weeks she drank lots of water, as food she would take soup, juices and some dairy products. Though sour products like yoghurt were not allowed. She was informed about what she could and couldn’t have. After those six weeks she could eat normal again, but small portions. Her surgeon asked her before the operation “Are you really sure? If you really want to eat a Mars then you can also melt it in a pan and eat it liquid. This is really something that you have to want and do yourself.”

Curious about the result? And how it has changed her life? Read more in the next post. 

images: thebiggerblog | special thanks to Anne Marie for sharing her story 

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