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wortelsNo power food, no pills, no diets! Just eat carrots. The fountain of youth is in your fridge. Just keep on eating those orange veggies called carrots.

My grandmother always told me to eat carrots because it’s good for your eyes. This is true, but it’s even better for lots of other things too. The secret ingredient of carrots is the amount of  antioxidants which has been proven to slower the aging process. Your skin gets a fresher and younger apppearance. But that’s only the outside, for the inside it’s also a super vegetable! It contains a high amount of folic acid what prevents anemia  and hart- vascular disease. It also contains falcarinol which reduces the chance on cancer. And finally it also contains beta-carotene which reduces the chances on long- and oral cancer but also improves the sight and prevents from blindness.

Next to all these exiting ingredients it also contains lots of vitamins and minerals so eating carrots is a win-win situation. For example vitamin B3 which is really important for the proper functioning of the digestion and the nerve system. The fibers help the process in the intestinal flora and reduces constipation and feeling bloating. It seams to make gallstones disapear as well as kidney stones but that’s not official proven yet.

Are you looking for a healthy snack? Or do you think cooked carrots for diner is boring? No it’s not, they are delicious and healthy. Good combo! Here is a lovely recipe if you would like to cook with carrots.

I wonder if there is such a thing as too many carrots… 

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source: joostenpeen.nl | images: ginews.blogspot.com & eva.vn

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