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Anti Diet Day

I didn’t even know there was such a day: Anti Diet Day. Each year on the 6th of May, for all the right reasons!

No, not because I am plus size but because I think dieting is very bad for your health. If you want to loose a little weight or many pounds? A diet can help you out for a short while -not thinking about what it does to your body- but on the long run it will not help you. I am no diet expert but I do have my own opinion about it.

stop body shaming

An important message on my blog is stop body shaming. We all do it sometimes, judging someone about the way they look. Unfortunately there are also lots of people who like to shout this from the roof and forgetting they are humiliating that person by doing so. Sadly we also do this to ourselfes. When you look in the mirror you probably have something to complain about. How often do you look in that mirror and say to yourself “Damn, I look hot today”? Well, to show you how important it is to love yourself I will tell you why this day is so important. The Anti Diet Day was set up in 1992 after a 15-year old girl committed suicide. She was a size EU 42 and couldn’t live with her fat body anymore.

anti dieet dag

loosing weight

It’s not because I am anti dieting that I am automatically anti loosing weight. On the contrary, I think it’s very important that we are all healthy. That said, not all plus men and women are unhealthy! So what is being healthy anyway? A balance between body and mind in my opinion. They say it’s 80% of what you eat and 20% exercise to have a healthy body but how about the mind? So it’s very important to know what you put in your mouth all day but don’t skip on the psycological part in this. To accept yourself and to love the way you look right now is crucial. Every day is a new day, for me too. Read here how I try to keep it all in balance without dieting.

In the end this is all that matters: being happy. Accepting yourself is the most important first step to a healthy lifestyle. 


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