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Socks trend

Fall is here and it’s time for the socks trend

It’s getting chilly outside and we’re starting to layer up. After you have shown your cute socks in your sandals it’s time for the real shoes. Take your shoes and boots to the next fashion level and combine it with the fashionable accessory: the sock! You probably have cure boots, or you only wear ankle boots or laced boots? Combine them with nice, visible socks in different lengths, colours and patterns.


You might choose socks till your knees, or even over the knee which will lengthen your legs and is perfect when you have skinny legs. When they don’t come over the knee, don’t worry, just gather them down a little.


This look will spice up your outfit and will make it more casual. Don’t wear this with your business suit because this will probably not be the best combo. Wear these socks with a nice pair of tights or stockings which you can pick in different colours and designs. Combine this with a cool skirt, shorts or a nice dress. You can also combine this with trousers but then choose for a legging or skinny pants. A wider pair of pants is not nice because it will make you look bigger and short and that’s not what you’re going for probably.


Which shoes are applicable for this look? Well, actually all your boots, or wear it with ankle- or calves boots, even with booties or laced boots. It’s important that there is enough space for the sock so your feet and legs don’t look cramped up. Leave the top open by lacing the boots halfway or zip up a few inches below the top. There are so many options to chose from, just try out some until you’re happy with it.

Which socks are your pick?

images: blog.sooco.nl, zeelandnet.nl

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