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Socks in sandals

It’s officially the worst fashion mistake ever: socks in sandals

But what if I told you this was the trend for the coming season? The days are getting shorter, it’s getting chilly outside and the flip-flop days are over. So what to do with all those nice open-toe shoes you bought for the summer? No panic, this way you can still wear them;  just wear your sandals with a pair of socks.


It was positively surprised to find a Facebook page anti socks in sandals. The classic leather, flat sandals with gorgeous white sport socks in an absolute no-go! Or even worse, the bath slippers. I can imagine how they managed to get almost 34.000 likes. Make sure your cute feet aren’t on this page and choose the right look, so what to keep in mind?

♥ sandals with heels and straps are more feminine
♥ when you go for a flat sandal, go for casual and tough
♥ clean, delicate socks in the right size and without holes or even panty socks

sokken in sandalen

Wear the socks in your sandal under a pair of ripped jeans; go for skinny with a turn up or a boyfriend cut. Or do you choose the more classic look, chose the socks with bare legs with a skirt or dress. It’s all possible, and yes okay you might have to let it sink for a minute but mark my words, you’ll be wearing it soon as well.

the right sock

Unfortunately us plus size ladies cannot just copy paste everything from the runway. So it’s important that you choose your sock-in-sandal look carefully. A sock ends below your calves and will always make your legs look optically shorter. It’s important that the sandals you wear have heels or even a wedge. Follow this trend but choose sheer socks or cute panty sicks. The big, woolen socks are chunky and make your feet will look fat which are cute for boots but I wouldn’t wear them with sandals.



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