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Printed t-shirt

The printed t-shirt is hot. Do you share your thoughts by wearing that t-shirt or does it makes you laugh? Check theBiggerBlogs’ choice.

We first started seeying such shirts with the bigger brands but now everybody is selling them: the printed t-shirts. From shocking to cute t-shirt for both men as well as women. But not all are nice though.  So let’s find out which nice t-shirts with fun prints are out there? In general basic colors such as black, which and grey melange. Other light tones and color prints are seen too in the shops. A casual t-shirt is what you need but which do you prefer?

t-shirt t-shirt t-shirt








Why should you follow this trend too? It’s casual, it’s cool and it’s super comfortable. How to wear this? On a jeans, or skinny trousers they look very cool. Add a long cardigan and some cool ankle boots and you’re good to go. Casual but trendy. Of course this could also be combined with a sportive blazer, with turned up sleeves and a cropped boyfriend jeans and heels. This way it’s casual chic. Or for those who prefer a skirt, wear it with a skater skirt, tucked into the waistband and a cargi. Actually, it’s so easy to combine these t-shirts. You should buy all!









Check the fit of the shirts. Some are wide at the bottom and help to cover up those bumps at the belly area. Those with a rounded hem are especially flattering for wider hips. In general the t-shirts have a wider fit. Some even hae the so called boyfriend-fit: wide fit, everywhere but still fitted for your size. Enjoy shopping!


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