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metallic shoes

This spring you will be wearing metallic shoes according to the latest trends. I have lined up a few pairs, which are your favorites?

Like I have shown earlier, my flashy metallic loafers with white sole. Totally trendy, but for some very shocking. Not for me, I love them! Will you be wearing these shiny numbers this summer?

Metallic shoes

We don’t copy everything from the catwalk however these shiny shoes are really nice for this coming season. Imagine a nice tan and these shoes, gorgeous! Depending on your style you can find these shoes. Loafers, sneakers, sandals. all is possible! I have found some and listed them below. Click on the photo to go directly to the webshop:

Metallic shoesmetallic shoes


metallic shoes














These shoes are great to wear casual. Just because it’s shiny does’t mean it has to be festive. These metallic colors like gold, silver or brass look great with a pair of jeans but can also look sexy paired with a womens’ suit. I really like this trend. I wonder if you would wear it or not.

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