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Lammy coats

The lammy coats are nice, warm leather outdoor jackets. The leather has its fur still attached. The outside has the leather to keep you safe from wind and rain. The inside has the fur side, which is soft and warm.

The word lammy was used because in the past the coats were often made of soft lamb leather. Nowadays all kinds of leathers are used for these coats. A real lammy coat is beautiful but also very expensive. Luckily the fashion industry keeps on developing and they have come up with some really nice, affordable synthetic substitutes.

Imitation lammy 

The imitation lammy are made of bonded fabrics: a fabric similar to suede, leather or fabric is bonded onto a fake fur. This can be a long or short hair fur, or even a teddy or sheep skin. The coats are made with the same technique as a real lammy, with inside out seams. The coats are synthetic but are as comfortable as the original pieces. De advantages of wearing bonded, imiration lammy:
♥ cheaper
♥ not as heavy as real leather and fur
♥ no animals have to be slaughtered
♥ easier to clean

Where do you buy such an eye catcher in your size? theBiggerBlog has found them for you. Click on the coat below which you like and go directly to the webshops:



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