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 Think out of the box and shop whatever you like! What’s in a name?

Did you ever hold back during shopping? Not buying that beautiful piece because it was not what you were looking for? For example, not buying the dress cause you were looking for a top…? Or not buying the top cause you were looking for a skirt? Stay with me and I will open your eyes to new possibilities! Because I believe you can think out of the box and shop whatever you like. Just be creative, make awesome combinations and create your personal style!

What’s in a name?

Yes! Go for the dress!

I love long oversized tops to create my personal style. I am plus-size and tall so it is not easy to find a good fitting top. Most tops are too short and boxy for my body type, they don’t do the trick for me. So what to do..? I just go out and shop for dresses! I combine them with pants, leggings or whatever I feel like, to create a unique style. This summer I’ve found the best pieces at Monki and Weekday, their straight size collection is very suitable for a full figured gal like me and their designs are great.

What’s in a name?

Skirt or dress? Dress or top?

When you are looking for a strapless top during summer, don’t skip the skirt section… for real, look out for that great color or gorgeous fabric and just try it on. Pull the skirt over your breasts and see if that does the trick. You might just need a little belt to add some waist! I had one skirt worn until threadbare that worked for me in both ways. Even a long skirt can become a cute dress!

what’s in a name

Whatever your style is, you can be creative with any brand or piece, just look at it in a different way and try! So have fun with your wardrobe this summer and dare to be creative! Post your creativeness on Instagram and add #feathersandnumbers for feature! Thanks and till next time!

X Miranda

denim dress H&M
knitted dress Reinders
kaftan dress Humanoid

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