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Halloween outfit

What’s your Halloween outfit for this scary month?

Looking good in a plus size when dressing up can sometimes be difficult. Let theBiggerBlog help you out! In countries like the US, Canada and UK it’s the dress up party of the year. In Holland there’s more focus on carnaval. However we all like a good party so why not add Halloween to the list? In the previous Halloween article you have read where to party in Holland. But what to wear? There are the possibilities of just ordering online but sometimes it can be expensive, or not in your size. theBiggerBlog will help you out.

scary nurse

What do you need? Try to use what’s already in your closet! Wear a white blouse with short sleeves and turn up the sleeve opening. Wear this tucked into a white skirt. Wrap a white apron around your waist and knot at the back. Wear white tights underneath, or of available white socks till over the knee. The accessories will finish the outfit: use make up and fake blood to look messy and scary. Make big hair and put on the nurse hat. You can wear a stethoscope as a necklace and get a few props to play with, for example a big syringe.


sexy witch

The easiest outfit for Halloween is probably going as a witch. You can wear all black and use items from your wardrobe. Wear a long dress, or full length skirt with a fitted top. For the sexy look make sure you show some cleavage. Wear your make up as pale as possible, but vey black with flase lashes on the eyes and bright red on the lips. Of course the witch hat and a broom as accessory will complete it. Wear this with high heels. If you prefer a short dress, you can also add a black cape and high boots.


corpse bride

 Not easy but possible, go dressed like a corpse bride. You can do this in black or in white. If you have your own wedding dress to trash up, or find one online or in the thrift shop then this is the easiest way to go. A good alternative, possible in all white or all black is the corset. Wear a dress with a wide bottom, or skirt and wear the corset on top of it. This outfit is also possible with a short length skirt and sexy tights. Make your face as pale as possible and add beautifull eye make up with some dark circles around it. Use a vail in the color of the outfit over messy hair.


You just have to get creative and you will find your perfect outfit! It doesn’t have to be very expensive! Plus, you don’t have to worry about sizes. Who needs those high flamable, hot sweating costumes anyway. Go and be scary… trick or treat!



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