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Ulla Popken

Do you know the plus size brand Ulla Popken? For men and women who love to shop their own size.

Did you know that Ulla Popken dates back to 1880? This German company has been around for so long! It started off as a textile company and later on as a maternity wear company. When they noticed that women with plus sizes were ordering this too they changed their concept. This resulted into starting a plus size clothing label for women.


The brand offers both men as well as womenwear in plus sizes. For women they also sell beautifull hosery, accessories, lingerie and night gowns. Besides outdoor they also sell wintersport outfits during the cold months and in summer time they offer a nice range of swimwear. All items start at size EU 42 and go up to size EU 60.


When I was a young plus size I didn’t like the shop as it was too mature for me. When I visited the shop last month I was positively surprised. Of course I am older now but the shop concept also has changed over the years. The collection is very wide, so you can shop at any size but also at any age. Depending on your taste of fashion and how trendy you want to shop, this is a good brand for your outfits.


You can find stores and online webshops in Europa, the US and Canada. Check out the link to your page here.

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