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Pink Christmas

This year you do it different: a pink Christmas. How cute! Girls only, pink it is

Getting tired of those reds and green? Choose your own Christmas color this year. Have fun and choose pink. Why not? This lovely jumper in pink. Covered with white snow and reindeers with shiny diamond noses is super cute. Make it preppy by wearing a blouse underneath the jumper. The white collar closed up and a trendy necklace, just the stylish way to do it. Make it work with the accessories, for example this cute bracelet in pinks and white. Perhaps a bit over the top, but these wide fit pink heels go well with the theme. At last, the pink nail polish with metallic finish.

Pink Christmas

This is a great outfit because everything you can find at NewLook, affordable and available in your plus size. Enjoy shopping. How do you spend your Christmas? Snuggled up in front of the fire place? Or all dress up? Wear this outfit with a nice skater skirt in scuba or with a fitted pencil skirt. Don’t forget a nice pair of tights and you’re good to go.

Sugar sweet in this pink outfit. Break the rules and choose your own color. Merry Christmas!

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