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What to wear to the office? Check out this business outfit

Classy and comfortable, just the way we like it. Check out what theBiggerBlog has shopped for you. This is a wonderful dress. The top part fits wider then the bottom part. The skirt is fitted at the hips and will give you long legs optically. The wider top will cover your belly or any curves we don’t like to show. The cream color with black print makes it very fashionable chic. Wear this with nice tights and these lovely heels. Don’t forget, you need big bag for all those office necessities. A pair of earrings is all you need on this outfit. This woolen coat has the trendy cut and will fit you like a glove.


Wearing black is always a good idea but by adding a color brightens things up. All black can be classy but also boring. With this black dress you dress down the bottom part and the top part is being accentuated, a great way to cover up the behind without too much hassle.

Check out the information below for the size range. Even the heels are available in three width sizes! 

coat wool Bonaparte
tunic Bonaparte
shoes DuoBoots
tote bag black DuoBoots
earrings Pilgrim

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