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Mat Fashion

Plus size brand Mat FashionIf you’re looking for casual, tough and yet feminine outfits in a plus size you have to check out the plus size brand Mat Fashion!

This Greek plus size brand shows very original items and real eye catchers. Mat Fashion is in the middle of everything: Europe and Middle East. This is reflected in the collection. At one hand they sell nice tunics, wide tops and oversized items. But on the other hand they also offer young, trendy and daring items. So everyone can find their outfit!

The plus size brand is originated in Greece and is being sold over several countries worldwide. Most you can find Mat. fashion in a multi brand shop or at online webshops, they don’t have so many pilot stores yet. I always shop at local boutiques or online at Navabi (like below). But in case you’re traveling to one of the following countries you must take a look at their shop:

– Greecemat
– Cyprus
– Kuwait
– Kazakhstan
– United Emirates
– Saudi Arabia
For all full address please click here

Don’t be said if you’re not traveling to any of these exotic places soon. There are many online shops who sell Mat. Fashion, boutiques or online:




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