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Lazy Sunday

What to wear for a lazy Sunday outfit?

This lovely ensemble! Fall is here to stay. It’s getting cold outside, the leaves are all over the streets and you feel like hot coco. Why not shop this outfit and be fashionable lazy instead? These casual jeans are soft and comfortable. The waist fits high and the fabric has stretch, a perfect fit. The light knit top wears like a sweater but is light as a t-shirt. Combine it with the fake fur waistcoat and snuggle up. Don’t bother modelling your hair do, just throw on this cool beanie and you’re good to go. Why not go for a nice walk in the forest? No heels today, but cool biker boots.

You don’t have to be in a dress and high, killer heels to be fashionable. Follow the trend of your mood! 

Lazy Sunday outfit

These items are also available in your plus size. Where to shop and what are the details? Check all below.

jeans Zizzi  | sizes 42-52 | 97% cotton/3% elastane
top Zizzi fine knit | sizes 42-52 | 63% polyester/33% viscose/4% elastane
waistcoat Zizzi fake fur | sizes 42-56 | 100% polyester
leather belt SPA accessories | sizes 42-52 | real leather
biker boots DuoBoots | article Rothel
beanie Peter Rutz

All items except for the boots can be bought online at Navabi, a wonderful plus size webshop.

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