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Curvy King beanies

The Curvy King is back, this time with new beanies. Which one is your favorite?

Last week, Nicole from the Curvy King asked us to make photos of the new arrivals, the Curvy King beanies. So Karly, Anouschka and I met with Nicole in Amsterdam to make the photos. We all love the beanies and were dying to try them. What do you think, do they suit us? I love the start up of the new plus size brand Curvy King. So first we saw the t-shirt with empowering curvy quotes on them. Next step, beanies. There are three options, two in black and one in bright pink. I really love the quotes on them: Curvy Fashionista, #teamcurvy and Curvalicious. Which one is your favorite? Of course I went for the curvy fashionista because I always use that hashtag.

You can get your own Curvy King beanie and go directly to the webshop.

Curvy King beaniesCurvy King beaniesCurvy King beanies

and then comes the time that you want to go home… #annoyinggirlsposse

Curvy King beanies

Curvy King beanies

when the photographer is teasing you…

Fashion tip: these beanies are perfect for a bad hair day. No seriously, these beanies are a musthave for your wardrobe. Wear it when it’s cold outside with your long coat, or with you faux fur coat like Karly does. Or just go totally hipster and just wear it all day!

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