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Wrap it up

For those days when it’s not really that cold, you can just wrap it up! How do I wear it?

A great outfit from Yours Clothing for those in-between-days when it’s not really cold but you still need to wear some sort of coat. This wrap is exactly for those moments. Click on the photos to enlarge. 

Wrap it up


This knitted wrap in colorful Aztec pattern brings your basic outfit to life. I wear it with acid washed black denim jeans in skinny fit with a lovely high waist. Fits me perfectly and is comfortable too. I like the washed look of the jeans. It’s not easy to find nice fitting trousers with my hips. Here I am wearing a size 22 and it fits perfectly, nice tight on the calves too, yay! And a basic black long sleeve top underneath, that’s it.

Wrap it up


This wrap is also very nice to wear as a big scarf over a leather (or faux leather) jacket. If you prefer a more classic style then wear it over a long coat or a woolen blazer. The best way to wear it is on a pair of trousers. Of course the wrap is very, very unrevealing. It covers up all your plus points, so make sure to wear a fitted outfit underneath so you don’t look oversized.

Wrap it up

Wrap it up!


images: thebiggerblog.com | photos: Raz | items: Yours Clothing 

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