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ticket to the tropics

Buy me a ticket to the tropics, I am ready for some sunshine!

Although it looks very sunny -it was- but unfortunately it’s still not very warm here in Holland. Though I am in need of some sunshine, who isn’t right?

H&M dress

To get into that summer feeling I decided to go shopping. I have read several stories where plus size women only shop at specific places. I don’t. I go into every shop that goes up to a size 46 (UK 18-20) and I check their collections. Depending on the style, the fabric and the shape there is a chance there are some suitable items. Like this dress from Hennes & Maurits.

H&M dress

Like I wrote before, the fit of H&M+ is so terrible off but the regular collection sometimes -positively- surprises me. This dress for example, I absolutely love it. It’s made of a nice dense fabric, I wouldn’t call it scuba but it’s similar (it has more drape then scuba does). The print I really like -to be honest, I bought 2 of these dresses in different prints- because I like them so much.

H&M dress

The dress is long enough to wear without tights or leggings. I am wearing the bandelettes underneath it, comfortable and yes, they stay put! The shoes and sunglasses are from Primark.

H&M dress

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