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Vintage look: go to the thrift-shop

Get a real vintage look: go to the thrift-shop. Very trendy but even better, very original these one of a kind items.

Vintage look: go to the thrift-shopLast week I went thrift shopping in Amsterdam. The setting is in old abandoned warehouses and it looks great. Inside and outside are little boots just like on a market where everyone can sell their stuff. Whether you are looking for fashion, interiors design or junk it’s all there.

Shop tips

Don’t think because you don’t have a standard size that you can’t find anything there! How do you shop?
1 check who’s behind the booth. If the woman has about your size then it could be she’s selling her size clothing too. Just check it out, or better just ask.
2 sometimes people focus on plus size and this is clearly marked on the booth with a flyer. Keep your eyes open.
3 just try it on! Not every size label is correct.

What did I find?

As always I wasn’t planning on buying anything but when I arrived I couldn’t resist. I started of with a cute hat. And then? I wanted matching accessories and found a few necklaces and a handbag. Nice and vintage, used and re-used now. This is the outcome:

Vintage look: go to the thrift-shop

Luck is a big part of finding nice stuff. But most importantly is keeping your eyes open. This lovely poncho I bought with the price tag still on!
Vintage look: go to the thrift-shop

Besides fashion I also shopped a lot for my home.. Which I still haven’t found. Once nicely settled I will show you these items.

Do you thrift shop? Happy hunting

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